Frans Hilgers

Medical and research background and activities

Short CV Professor-emeritus Dr. Frans JM Hilgers
  • 2011 - Continued (part-time) appointment NKI-AVL for clinical research and teaching
  • 2011 Professor-emeritus University of Amsterdam
  • 1988 - 2009 Chairman; since 01-09-2009 Chairman-emeritus
  • 2003 - Professor University of Amsterdam (UvA), Institute of Phonetic Sciences: Oncology-related voice and speech disorders’
  • 2001 - 2009 Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon, Academic Medical Center, UvA
  • 1978 - 2011 Head and Neck Surgeon, Department of Head and Neck Oncology and Surgery, Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • 1977 - 1978 Head and Neck Fellowship (Netherlands Cancer Institute; Professor van Slooten)
  • 1976 PhD-thesis: ’Immunological aspects of herpes viruses in human neoplasia’ (UvA; Professor Dekking)
  • 1974 - 1977 Otorhinolaryngology (UvA; Professor Jongkees)
  • 1973 MD, University of Utrecht
  • Publications: in total 325 papers and book chapters; 222 peer-reviewed papers retraceable through Pubmed; 143/325 dealing with laryngectomy topics; edited books: 1998 ‘Diseases of the Head and Neck, Nose and Throat’; Andrew S Jones, David E Phillips, and Frans JM Hilgers); 1995/1999/2003/2004 ‘A practical guide to postlaryngectomy vocal and pulmonary rehabilitation, including the Provox system’ (ISBN 90-75575-05-X); 2002/2003 “Olfaction regained, using the polite yawning technique (CD-Rom; ISBN 90-75575-07-6)

The Head and Neck Surgeons of the NKI in 2008, painted by Aya de Lange - The Netherlands Cancer Institute

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