Frans Hilgers

Medical and research background and activities

Olfaction regained, using the polite yawning technique; CD-Rom. Editor: Frans JM Hilgers, MD PhD. The Netherlands Cancer Institute 2004. ISBN 90-75575-07-6

PDF versions of this CD/Book, also containing QR codes to watch the 24 included video's on your smart phone, can be found here or here

Reukrevalidatie na totale laryngectomie; een handleiding voor logopedisten (+ CD-rom). Polak MF, van As CJ, van Dam FSAM, Hilgers FJM. Swets en Seidlinger, Lisse; book and cd-rom ISBN 90-265-1723-8; 2003

Diseases of the Head and Neck, Nose and Throat. Eds. Andrew S Jones, David E Phillips, Frans JM Hilgers. Arnold, London, Sydney, Auckland; co-published in the USA by Oxford University Press, Inc., New York, 1998

th Edition 2003 (CD Rom: A practical guide to postlaryngectomy rehabilitation, including the Provox system; ISBN 90-75575-05-X)

The Provox system: a practical guide to postlaryngectomy vocal and pulmonary rehabilitation. Editor: Frans J.M. Hilgers. Publisher: The Netherlands Cancer Institute / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Production: Thesis Publishers, Amsterdam, 1995 (ISBN 90‑75575‑01‑7; NUGI 742). 2
nd edition 1997. 3rd edition 1999 (CD-ROM, ISBN 90-75575-03-3)